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This is it. It's Friday, February 3rd and in less than 24 hours I will leave this house for Tokyo train station, which will take me to the airport, which will take me...home.

Most of this week has been taken up with goodbyes: to schoolmates and teachers, and later, close friends. There were tears involved.

I think the photos will do it a lot more justice than I could:

Kohei, from tennis group. All the tennis people got together for dinner at an okonomiyaki (think cabbage pancake, with yummy stuff like shrimp in it) but first we went to a boardwalk which had nighttime light shows.

Top: Anime Club. They threw a small party for me, where we ate lots of food and watched (what else) anime and talked.
Bottom: one of my English classes. They asked me to teach them an American game for the last day, so I taught everyone how to play Heads-Up 7-Up. They were pretty good at it.

The other exchange student, Nom, and my Japanese teacher.

The last view of school: the walk leading up to the Univ…