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What Happens in Anime Club...Is Obviously Not Staying in Anime Club

Because I'm spilling the beans! But before I do that, I have a shoutout to my very best friend ever: April Bell.

Today when I got home from school, there was a suspiciously heavy package waiting for me at our apartment adressed to me from Kate Keatly. So I opened it, and guess what I found:
Oh my goodness! I was so surprised! Halloween candy (including sour patch kids, my favorites!), a jar of Jiffy peanut butter (I am SO digging into that with a spoon tomorrow!), lip balm, PEEPS!, photos, a squeezy skull that has eyes that pop out (I scared the bejeezes out of my host mom with that!), pictures of us/ her (which nearly made me cry, April you look so pretty!), Seventeen magazine (just the sort of smutty-smut I wanted), and a copy of the Mash which she writes for (and has a small blip that I'm featured in, whoo hoo!)

Here was my reaction:
I am very, very, very happy. On a scale of 1-10 I'm registering at 1000. I love you so much April!!!!!!!

So. Onto the anime. I picked a pretty laid back club, if I do say so myself. It only meets twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays, and there's no set time you have to leave, so some days when I have a lot of work I only stay 45 minutes, and if I have nothing to do I stay until about 5pm (hour and a half). What usually happens is that everyone sort of does their own thing for a bit, which is anything from card games to studying to drawing on your own (I said it was laid back, didn't I?). Then usually we do a character swap. We draw numbers out of a hat and pair up. Then we say what anime character we like and the other person draws it for us. If you pick an obscure character, you usually give them a reference picture or something.

So here's some stuff that I've drawn/ had drawn for me (and all of them have that annoying arm shadow in them, but I tried to make the pencil has visible as possible).

Inuyasha, that was the first picture drawn for me

Kazehaya, from Kimi ni Todoke; he is probably one of my dream anime guys. (I also did not draw that one)


Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier. Mostly I just like that anime for the music. Drawn by one of the cutest first-year middle schoolers. She always bows and is so polite. I just want to hug her!

(This was actually the reference photo I gave her.)

Dead Bones Brook from One Piece (this one I drew)

Luffy, also from One Piece. Possibly my new favorite anime. Luffy = boss.

He's gonna be the Pirate King! `(^^)'

Maka from Soul Eater. She also kicks some serious butt, as shown by the deadly SCYTHE she's wielding.

The reference photo I used.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi from Shugo Chara. Also drawn by a middle schooler, and she called me SENPAI (term for someone above you in school). It was a complete manga moment and MADE MY DAY!

He is also sexyness!

And that's what goes on, more or less. But since midterms start for everyone next Friday (but not me, muahaha!) there's no club. So I guess I have more freetime to work on my Nano novel, now 16k/50k into it! Now I'm going to go read my new magazine...


  1. Those are amazing!

    Also...another box is idea how long it will take.

    We love you so! Clare


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