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Birthday and School

Hey everyone! First of all, I just wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, whether I recieved a letter in the mail, or an email, or a facebook post. It means a lot to me that everyone was thinking of me. (Sorry, wanted to get the mushy bit out of the way first.)

My birthday was pretty nice. It was the day before school started, so I pretty much just chilled out. Midday, my grandmother called me up to her apartment, where one of her friends presented me with this:
They hadn't meant to give it to me on my birthday, so it was really just a very lucky coincidence. It's a beautiful kimono, and I'm really lucky.

That was the cake I had for my little family celebration. Much as I would have, I didn't eat them all: I had the shortcake, my mother had the mont blanc and my grandmother had the chocolate (Ayuko was in Osaka, so it was just the three of us.)

Then here's the picture you (might) have been waiting for: *drumroll*
TADA! Summer school uniform! It's a navy pleated skirt, white socks, loafers, and the sailor-ish shirt. There's a sweater you can put over it, but it's so ridiculously hot I didn't bother. The navy bag is the school's bag too. Girl's definitely get the short end of the stick for uniforms: a guy's uniform just looks like dress pants and a nice white shirt, which isn't such a bad thing, but girls get the whole long-skirt shebang. But I have to admit, it's kinda fun to wear (no, I didn't just say that).

Today was just the opening ceremony, so I met my homeroom teacher and class, and then had to go to this Buddist temple-place where the principal was going to talk to the whole school via wireless TV (like they have at Payton) and then I had to get up and give my little speech thing, which went well. Everyone in my class is so LOUD! It seems like my all-girl's school life is going to be energetic. Classes start tomorrow; and here's a list of what I'm taking (but first, pity me people, I have school on Saturday's too since it's a private school!)
Math (unspecified)
Science (unspecified)
Home E.C (aparently I'm sewing a yukata...ulp!)
and there's some Self-Study periods thrown in there as well. Which is what "Reading" and PC (computer studies) will be.


  1. First off, that uniform is awesome, and you wear it well.

    Second of all, CAKE!

    Third, you have 10 classes...10. That's a lot.

    Fourth, give me your goddam email, woman.

    Fifth, miss you.

  2. I love the uniform -- I think you look great in it.

  3. I haven't been on FB & didn't know it was your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!...late.

    Gotta say, you look darling in that uniform! I'm sure you'll get to wear jeans during down time.

    We start youth group next Tuesday. We'll miss you but, boy what an adventure to hear about now & later.

    Love to you, Clare

  4. Happy Birthday again, you're awesome, kimono and uniform both super cool, miss you, you rock that uniform :-D
    Lauren :-D

  5. CUT THE SKIRT CUT THE SKIRT! and you look amazing in your kimono :) wish you were here at Payton cause it feels like our little group is incomplete without you :'(

  6. I'm with Josie on that one! It's so weird! I can't wait to have you in my lunch period (6th?)...

  7. Claire,
    Happy belated Birthday! Your kimono is beautiful and you look beautiful in it!
    Your host family seems quite lovely and it's nice to see faces to go with the names. I am glad that you like them!
    Your school uniform is cute! If the skirt was shorter and you had on knee-high socks....well you know!
    I have so enjoyed reading about your adventure. Thank you for taking the time to share the experience with us. I have been reading since the start, but now I can post to you! Yeah me!
    We miss seeing your smiling face at church! I look forward to reading your next entry. Take care, and don't work too hard (that class schedule looks like a lot of work!),
    Sharon (White)

  8. That cake looks really delicious! Haha and it's so awesome that your birthday is the day before school starts. Time to super chill. :) Cute uniform by the way. :D


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