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Japanese English Makes me Laugh (a lot)

For those of you who are familiar with Japanese and Korean music know that randomly in the middle of the song they are liable to throw in an English word. So you'll be listening to this song and you won't understand it so it's like this: laelriajwelifafie....BABY...aleifaelifj...I'M YOUR MAN...faliejflaiejf...

You get the picture.
Turns out, the same principle is applied to random items as well. And often this English makes me laugh, because it's either
1. Gramatically incorrect, and they have absolutely no idea when I ask them if they know what it means
2.Gramatically correct but doesn't really make sense when you read it. Or rather, it seems like it should make sense, but on some level it doesn't.

Allow me to illustrate:
That's the cover of my obento box. I mean just read it!

I like this one too. The picture isn't very good, but it says, " Campus notebooks contain the best ruled foolscap suitable for writing." FOOLSCAP? I thought only monks and people in old books said that.

Inspiration comes of working. Uh-huh...

This is for a cram-school. A CRAM SCHOOL. And it says that. I just stood there and laughed for a few minutes before I could walk away from this. I'm sure people on the street thought I was quite the crazy foreigner.

Random plastic shopping bag. I just give up.

And just for kicks, here's a song example. This is a K-pop (Korean pop) group called SS501, and I actually really like this song. It just happens to be a great example for what I'm talking about.


  1. hahahah today i saw a sign in a car and it said p-enus xD
    sorry i don't have a picture of that x(

  2. Are they saying "lub like this" well i do know how to love but i certainly don't know how to "lub" whatever that is.... BUT you bento is super cute even though it makes no sense heh heh, I think i'm gonna start a journal for you Claire because i have sooo much stories to tell you and it hasn't even been a month of school yet.

  3. Cute bento box~ :)
    I love that song btw ^_^ I don't listen to SS501 a lot though... I'm obsessed with Big Bang atm xD
    I wish I could study abroad! It looks like so much fun :D


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